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Requests are closed until my to do list goes down a bit. However, feel free to message me and ask for a specific prompt from there.

One Shots


  • 1. “Hello lovely! Do you write enema play? If you do, can you write an ageplay with the boys especially Louis babying Harry and somehow incorporate them giving him an enema. If you’d do it, that’d be fricking awesomeeee!”

  • 2. “could you do a prompt where haz decides to put lou into nappies and shaves him lmao?”
  • 3.”Can you please do an insecure photographer!Louis and famous model!Harry oneshot? Please?”


  • 4. Can u do an age play where louis & niall fight (they’re the kids) & louis wont stop throwing tantrums


  • 5 “ziam please liam takes zayn snowboarding zayn falls liam looks after him”


  • 6. "Could you do one where Zarry adopt baby Louis- like 2-3 year old - who has separation anxiety disorder. And once his daddies have to go out, leaving him with a babysitter he has a huge tantrum so they have to come back early? With lots of clinging and cuddling and and tears and fluff please :) xx"


  • 7. “I would love you forever if you did some baby Liam! Maybe he’s younger then the other boys and he starts to have accidents like at night and during the day but because he’s so controlling and stuff he hides it until Louis finds out and then he becomes their baby? (: would seriously love you forever if you did”

  • 8. “could you do another (quite long if it’s not too much to ask?) louis-centric fic which is kind of a progressive one where the other four introduces the age play life style to louis after he’s had multiple accidents (both night- and daytime as well as both messy and wet) and you can of course add things if you’d like. thank you xoxo”

  • 9. “can u do a zianourry- louis-centric, where their on stage performing and falls and gets hurt (really bad if u want) and he crys since he is the baby of the group and they try to make him feel better, maybe sing to him?! Please n thanks!!!! xx”

  • 10. “A baby!Liam, Middle!Niall, and Oldest!Lou with Zarry parents! A fun day out somewhere :)”

  • 11. “One where Louis has been really bad all day (causing trouble and they also walked in on him wanking when he isnt allowed to when they arent there) so one of the doms spank him with a paddle or a whip or something then put a cock cage on. Thank you!x”

  • 12. “Can you do a one shot where Liam gets caught masterbating so he has to wear the cock cage? So he feels out of the family and then fluff?”

  • 13. “Hey can you do an age play one shot where one of the boys are being potty trained but he does not want to. He wants to stay in his nappy. And he has accidents and stuff. You can choose who. If you do it thanks so much.”

  • 14. “Could you write a fic with one of the boys asking for a vanilla night? Like, his reasons for wanting it and how Harry and Zayn react, then part of the night?”

  • 15. “could you write an age play fic about Niall wetting his bed and crying comes to Liam to tell him he wet his bed? Little Niall’s so embarrassed he tries to close himself off from Li and the other boys since he thinks they’ll make fun of him? Just a bit of good fluff at the end?”

  • 16. "Liam self harms, but the boys know and are trying to help him, and at a signing his sleeves roll up and a fan sees and takes a pic, puts it online. He finds out and freaks out, cutting more but the boys get to him and show him his twitter mentions and its all supportive and stuff, he promises to get help and kisses and fluff "
  • 17. "Zianourry where Niall is having trouble with his braces and he’s in a lot if pain but there on tour and he doesn’t want to be a baby but the pain gets even worse and he can’t even sing/talk without being in pain and the boys find out and makes him get a dentist appointment and he has to get them readjusted (which hurts a lot) include fluffiness at end and just a crying sad nialler please!"
  • 18. "Zianourry with Niall’s knee and like it dislocated while the boys and him were playing soccer and he is all calm and just puts it back into place while the others are freaking out and he’s like it’ll be okay and a few days later it ends up dislocating again but this time he can’t put it back into place and he’s freaking out also and he has to go to the hospital and he’s told he has I have surgery and he’s all worried and scared and te boys try to ease his worry even though there scared to death"