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SummaryHarry takes a tumble down the stairs. Who knew a broken wrist could set off so many emotions?
Warnings: Age Play, Daddy Kink, Language
A/N: New fic! Collaboration with lazanalirry! :) Posted on both blogs, send character asks to me though! Hope you like it!xx

Louis was prepping the sandwiches for breakfast when he heard several loud bangs. It was quiet for half a second before crying could be heard. Starting to rush over, he wiped his hands on his jeans as he ran over to the stairs.

He got to the stairs and saw Harry lying at the bottom, sobbing and gripping his wrist tightly.

“Daddy!” he screamed when he saw Louis approaching him.

Louis rushed to Harry’s side and crouched down beside him, and gently took his sore wrist in his hand. He winced when he saw how swollen it was already, and he placed a feather light kiss on the lump which was developing.

“It’s okay sweetie” Louis soothed, and picked Harry up.

“It hurts!” Harry complained as he held the hurting arm close to his chest and cradled it with his good arm. Louis carried him over to the hallway and placed him down before wiping at the tears that was streaming down Harry’s face. 

“I know sweetie, we’re going to have to go to the hospital okay? I think you’ve broken it, love” He got out Harry’s coat and threw it over Harry’s shoulders before grabbing his shoes and helping Harry put them on. Quickly putting on his own coat and shoes, he grabbed his wallet and keys before ushering Harry outside. Harry continued crying quietly as he was helped into the car and buckled in. 

“Just hold on baby, the doctor will get you fixed up” Louis tried to comfort Harry as he started driving towards the nearest hospital.

Once Louis had managed to find a parking space, he helped Harry out of the car, and led him up to the accident and emergency door, cooing him and trying to relax him. Once he had filled out numerous forms, they were finally allowed to go to the waiting room.

“Daddy” Harry whined as Louis sat down and pulled him close.

“I know baby” He whispered back, and ran his hands through Harry’s hair as the doctor called his name. Keeping his hand around Harry’s shoulder as a nurse led them into an examinations room. Saying quiet thanks as they sat down together on the examinations table, Harry cuddled up to Louis and let out a little sob at the pain in his arm. They didn’t have to wait long before a doctor entered.  

“My name’s Dr. Martin, what happened?” The doctor asked as he quickly glanced over some of the forms they had filled out before pulling up a chair. 

“I feel down the stairs and hurt my arm,” Harry quietly said while sniffling. He moved a bit closer to Louis as the doctor rolled over with his chair. 

“Can I have a look? I promise to be careful,” Dr. Martin said while holding out his hand. Louis started to run his fingers through Harry’s hair again as he hesitantly held his hand out. The doctor turned the arm over and stretched it out a bit more. 

“I see you’ve got a little swelling going on but there doesn’t seem to be any cuts or any open wounds. Could you just move your fingers a bit for me, Harry?” Clutching on to Louis’s arm with his good arm, Harry did as told and sniffled.

“Thank you; do you have any trouble feeling this?” He asked as he started squeezing gently on the fingers tips. Harry shook his head. 

“Alright, that’s good. I’m going to send you up to get some x-rays taken off the arm to see if it’s a break and if so what break it is. It might be a little wait as it’s a bit busy today. And I can hear your stomach grumbling but I am afraid on the off chance you might surgery on your hand, you cannot have any food or drinks until you’ve been cleared. Before I send you up though, I’d like to examine the rest of your arm and shoulder just to make sure there aren’t any other pains or injuries” Louis dropped a kiss to Harry’s head as started rubbing his back while Harry started crying quietly again. The doctor smiled sympathetically at Harry and Louis, and moved closer to Harry.

“I promise it will be over very quickly Harry” he assured him, as he helped him carefully remove his shirt.

As Dr Martin had a quick glance for any obvious swelling or bruising, he noticed the top of Harry’s nappy sticking out above the waistband of his jeans. He looked curiously, but decided against embarrassing the already upset boy, and didn’t mention it. Gently he pressed on Harry’s shoulder, and various points on his arm, but none caused any sort of reaction.

“Well, there’s no more damage thankfully!” The doctor said cheerfully, and smiled at Louis helping Harry into his blue shirt again.

“If you want to head upstairs we’ll get you x-rayed as soon as possible and get your hand taken care off” 

“Thank you” Harry said quietly as he jumped down from the table and sniffled. Louis accepted the referral papers and followed Harry out of the room before they made their way up to the right floor and settled in for the wait. 

Lou’s hand was thrown around Harry’s shoulders, as Harry rested his head on Louis and was relaxing quietly against him while cradling his arm. None of them said anything as the minutes passed slowly. 

Louis jumped slightly when his phone started buzzing in his pocket. Pulling it out quickly, he saw that it was Niall calling. 

“Hi mate” Louis greeted him. “Hello, where you guys at? We’re thinking of going out for a bite?” Niall told over the phone. 

“We’re actually at the A&E,” Lou said slowly, rubbing Harry’s hand as a whimper came from him. 

“The A&E? What for? Hold on, I’m putting you on speaker” Louis only had to wait a few seconds before he could hear Liam, Zayn and Niall firing questions at him. Louis rolled his eyes at the boys’ questions, and waited for the line to go quiet before he spoke.

“Harry fell down the stairs” He began, smiling sympathetically at Harry who was getting more uncomfortable as time went on.

“We think he’s broken his wrist, we’re just waiting for an x-ray”

Louis spoke to the boys for a few more minutes, until he heard a nurse calling Harry’s name and hung up the phone with a quick good bye.

“You have to be a big, brave boy for Daddy okay? I can’t come in sweetie,” He said quietly to Harry.

Harry whined a little bit and gripped Louis’ hand with his good arm, trying to drag him into the x-ray room. Louis carefully removed Harry’s hand and led him to the nurse.

“He’s a bit nervous,” Louis explained to the nurse, who held the door open for Harry. 

“It will be over in a flash! I’ll just need you to put this on and rest your hurting hand on this plate right here, let us take a picture, then turn it over just slightly, another  picture and you’re done” The nurse said while helping Harry getting the protection suit over his head. 

Sure enough, a minute or two later Harry was walking out of the room, heading straight towards Louis who had stood up as soon as he had seen him coming. 

“I’m tired, can we go home soon?” Harry asked quietly as he got a hug. 

“We’re almost done love, I promise. You are being such a good boy,” Louis whispered back. “I need to check something, come on,” Lou continued as he grasped Harry’s good hand and held it. 

Entering the handicap toilet, Harry popped two fingers into his mouth and sucked on them greedily wishing he had his dummy and dummy there in stead for comfort. Louis locked the door before unbuttoning Harry’s trousers and pulling them down slightly. 

“We don’t have any nappies with us so you’re going to have to go without” Louis said when he noticed Harry was soaked. 

“’Kay Daddy” Harry replied as Lou took his nappy off and threw it away. He quickly washed over Harry with some wet paper towels before drying him up and getting his trousers back up. As Louis and Harry walked out of the bathroom hand in hand, the nurse was standing waiting for them in the empty waiting room.

“I’m afraid there is a fracture in your wrist Harry,” she said sympathetically, pointing out the obvious break on the x-ray. Harry let out a small whimper and clung to Louis.

“We’ll get you plastered up, and then you can go home,” she added.

“As of now it doesn’t look like you’ll need surgery”

Louis nodded and sighed in relief that they could go home soon and followed the nurse into the room to get Harry’s wrist in plaster, trying to calm him down. Louis sat by Harry with a tight hold on Harry’s good arm. Dr. Martin came in and scrubbed up his hands. 

“Alright, you ready?” The doctor asked. Harry gave a shaky nod and tried to steal himself as they started. 

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