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Summary: Niall freaks out during a movie, and Louis finds it funnier than others.

Rated:ย Mature
Warnings: BDSM Relationships, Language, Spanking
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Everyone curled up on the couch together, as Zayn walked out of the kitchen with a huge bowl of popcorn.
“Are you sure you all want to watch this?” He asked, holding up a copy of Texas Chainsaw.
The boys all nodded eagerly in response, waiting as Zayn turned on the DVD, and settled on the couch beside Niall.

An hour later and Louis was hiding behind a cushion, Liam was cuddled up to Harry, who had his eyes closed, and Niall was curled up on Zayn’s lap, who seemed unfazed by the film.
“I knew this was a stupid idea.” He muttered under his breath, looking around the room at his boyfriends, who he knew wouldn’t be sleeping tonight.

Niall let out a quiet whimper as the screen turned black, and gripped onto Zayn’s shirt.
"You okay, babe? We can turn it off." Zayn whispered, kissing the top of Niall’s blonde hair.
Niall shook his head tentatively, not wanting to be the one who ruined everyone else’s fun.
Zayn sighed and sank back into the couch, loosening his grip slightly on Niall.

Louis glanced over and suddenly burst into hysterical laughter, causing everyone to look at him strangely.
"What the fuck, Lou?" Harry asked, looking at the boy beside him, confusion etched on his face. Liam stretched over for the remote and paused the movie.

Louis clutched his stomach as tears streamed down his face, unable to talk from laughing. Instead he pointed to Niall, and everyone glanced at him.
Niall had his thumb in his mouth, and was lying against Zayn’s chest, enjoying the warmth. When he realised he was the cause of Louis’ outburst he quickly pulled his thumb away, and his face turned from pale white to red.
“That’s enough, Louis. Stop being rude.” Harry scolded, looking at Louis sternly.

Liam got up and sat beside Niall and Zayn, trying to comfort his boyfriend who was close to tears.
“It’s fine, Niall. No one minds.” Zayn whispered, running his hand through his hair as Niall hid his face from everyone.
Zayn smiled at Liam, silently thanking him for helping.
"Nialler babe? Don’t be embarassed, Louis’ being stupid."

Niall shook his head, as Louis continued to laugh as loudly as he possibly could.
"You know what, Lou? Just go upstairs. I’ll be up to deal with you later." Zayn ordered firmly, pointing to the door.
Louis rolled his eyes, but got up and walked towards the door.

"Stand in the corner in mine and Zayn’s room, and don’t even think about ignoring me." Harry added, swatting Louis’ ass quickly when he got up.
Louis jogged up the stairs, quietening down slightly when he realised how much trouble he had got himself in.

“Niall, don’t even worry about it. Lou will be punished for that, yeah?” Harry comforted, joining Zayn and Liam.
He slowly looked up, and a small tear trickled down his cheek.
"I’m sorry, I won’t do it anymore."
Zayn looked at Harry sadly, unsure as to what he should do.
"Why don’t we just cuddle, while one of you goes to deal with Louis?" Liam suggested, squeezing Niall’s hand gently..
Zayn and Harry nodded, and Zayn got up, placing Niall on Liam’s lap.
"I’ll go."

He left the room and went upstairs to deal with Louis, as Harry and Liam cuddled Niall.
"Babe, just relax. No one cares if you want to suck your thumb, it’s sweet." Harry mumbled, placing featherlight kisses all over Niall’s face.

He smiled slightly in response, and rested his head against Liam’s toned body. Slowly his thumb moved up towards his face, and before sliding it into his mouth he looked up for reassurance.
“Go ahead baby.”


As Liam and Harry comforted Niall, Zayn made his way to his bedroom to deal with Louis. He walked in and noticed Louis was in the corner, as instructed.
“Why are you in trouble?” He asked firmly, sitting down on the bed, watching Lou.
Louis sighed loudly, looking down at his feet.
"For laughing at Niall and making him feel bad."
Zayn nodded, and ordered the older boy to stand in front of him.
"I hope you know how disappointed we are in you, and I hope you’ll be ready to apologise after this. Trousers down, please."
Louis’ eyes widened, knowing how hard Zayn would spank him for upsetting Niall.
"No! Zayn I’m sorry, it won’t happen again!"

Zayn shook his head in annoyance and pulled his trousers down for him, before grabbing his wrist and pulling him over his lap.
"You just got yourself extra. Well done."
Louis whimpered and squirmed around desperately, as Zayn’s spanks came down hard and relentlessly. After a few minutes Zayn stopped, and pulled down his boxers. He continued to spank him as hard as possible, knowing he needed it to realise what he had done.
When Louis continued to try to fight him off, and cover his ass with his hands, Zayn had lost it.

He stopped spanking and released his grip on Louis, letting him move.
"Go downstairs right now, and ask Harry for the paddle." He said strictly, pointing to the door.
Zayn knew exactly where the paddle was, he just needed a chance to calm down, and wanted to embarrass Louis slightly so he would behave.
"No! Zayn this isn’t fair, I’ll be good!"
The dominant of the two raised his eyebrow, and got up from the bed, fists clenched by his side.
"I said now."

Louis gulped and quickly kicked his trousers and boxers off, and went downstairs to find Harry. He walked into the living room, feeling his face turning as red as his ass.
"I, uh. I’ve to ask you for the paddle Haz." He mumbled, looking down at his feet shyly.
Harry bit his lip to stop himself from smirking, wondering why Zayn had sent him down in such a state.
"Let’s go then. Lili, stay with Niall."

Harry led Louis to the cupboard where the paddle was, sympathetically rubbing his back. He knew Louis deserved his punishment, but as the softest of the two doms he couldn’t help but want to comfort him.
He had also recieved one of Zayn’s spankings, so he knew what Louis was feeling.
"Here you go, babe." He said, and handed Louis the wooden paddle.
Louis took it sadly, having secretly hoped they wouldn’t be able to find it.
"Just be good for him Lou, please."

Louis nodded and made his way back upstairs to Zayn, who was waiting patiently.
"Good boy. Bend over the bed. 15 and we’re done."
Louis obliged and got over the bed, gripping the sheets as Zayn started swatting him. Each swat varied from left to right, and occasionally his thighs would be smacked too.

After what seemed like hours, Zayn stopped and pulled a sobbing Louis onto his lap.
"We’re done, babe. You done well, I’m so proud of you." He whispered, kissing Louis’ cheek and wiping away some tears.
Louis cuddled for a moment or two, before squirming to get up.
"I wanna see Ni." <br
Zayn nodded understandingly, and helped Louis up. He quickly gave him a pair of sweatpants to pull on, and carefully pulled them up, avoiding his red ass. They both went downstairs, and Louis slowly walked over to Niall, who was now watching TV with Harry and Liam.

“I’m so sorry Ni! I’m horrible and mean and I shouldn’t have laughed but I was surprised and you looked so cute and please don’t stop because of me I’m sorry!” Louis rambled, still sobbing.
Niall smiled, and held his arms out for Louis.
"It’s okay Lou, I forgive you." He whispered, and pulled Louis in for a hug.

The five boys all curled up on the sofa, enjoying the peace while it lasted.

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